Over eighty wines by the Glass. World wide and Local.

Wine dates back thousands of years in ancient Egypt. To a time when as legend has it a Pharoh put grapes in a jar and discovered that they fermented and made him feel very good. Not wanting anyone else to discover this new fun product he put "Poison" on the jar. One of the Harem girls was very depressed and wanted to take the poison. Unknown to her this made her feel very giddy and not depressed. So then became the juice as we know today as "WINE". Ballou's searches and chooses the best wines we feel that will compliment our Food and create a fun and exciting atmosphere. We have more than 80 wines by the glass that are very approachable and fun. Our staff is knowledgeable and happy to assist you in your choice. So whether it's Girls Night Out, Birthday Celebration, Bachelorette Party or Date Night join Ballou's and experience our "Award Winning" wine list.